Community of Faith


Music in all its forms will always be an excellent means of exalting God. We understand that music, worship and praise are the means to touch the heart of our God.


Worship and praise in CDF must reflect the expression of a theology in accordance with New Covenant revelation. Our worship is spontaneous, creative, governed by the word and by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Dramas, dances, performances, and art can be used to achieve all of this.


We believe in youth as the engine that drives and promotes the life of the church. We have the vision and the challenge of reaching the youth of Hialeah, Miami and South Florida, leading them to understand God's plan and purpose for their lives, enabling them to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and challenging them to reach to the nations for the Kingdom of God.


We instruct children in the word of God, aware of making them participate in the Kingdom of God, and of the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit, teaching them from childhood about the five ministries and their call, understanding that they are the church of today and the generation of tomorrow.


A house of peace is a place where the light, the anointing, and the supernatural power of God are brought, to minister to his people, there we seek the restoration, transformation, and reconciliation of the human being with God. Each House of Peace that is established becomes a meeting point with the presence of God.


We believe that prayer is the engine that keeps the believer alive, therefore we believe that the church that prays under the knowledge of the scriptures and under the power and direction of the Spirit; will always be strong. Therefore, we understand that prayer and intercession must be a lifestyle for the children of God.


We are convinced that it is our responsibility as a believer and as the body of Christ. Bringing the good news of the local and global gospel is our goal; we focus on Restore, perfect, consolidate, disciple and send, to expand the Kingdom of God.


The people who visit us are very important and valuable to us, so we welcome them with love and respect at all times. Our desire is to see in them the progressive work of the Holy Spirit, until all reach the stature of Christ, and project themselves as competent ministers of the new covenant.


We believe that service to God and others is ministry, the team of ushers of our congregation is there to receive you, welcome you, locate you and provide you with excellent service.


We make use of the means offered by technology to project the gospel and the word of God, we do it through radio, television and the internet.


We have conferences and seminars aimed at ministering to couples to raise solid and united families for the glory of the Lord. We believe that families are the foundation for ministry, so we are interested in ministry, but much more in our families having life and being restored and grounded in the word of God.


We carry a message of faith, hope, and love to the elderly and underprivileged who are in nursing homes, rest homes, or rehabilitation centers, showing them that they are very valuable to God.


We visit those who are deprived of their liberty and bring them a word of encouragement, encouragement, restoration and transformation. We believe that the word of God and the direct administration of the Holy Spirit give them the certainty of being completely free, even if they are still behind bars.


The Ministry of Social Assistance is at the service of our community, helps with food to families in need and develops health, immigration and legal information fairs.


Liberation is the children's bread, for this reason, we hope that with liberation each believer cleanses his life, sanctifies himself, establishes himself and becomes more and more affirmed in walking with Christ. We also seek that by the direct ministration of the Holy Spirit, of the Word of God and by the authority that the Lord Jesus has delegated to us, they are free from ties, and thus can live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.


In Comunidad de Fe we are committed to the tranquility and well-being of our visitors and guests. Our parking officials will receive you with love and with a beautiful spirit of service, we want your visit to our ministry to run smoothly, and we make sure that it does.